Meandering of Olympic Proportion

Okay, I’m watching the opening of the Olympics along with another billion people.  Two quick notes:

a. Would someone please tell the Totalitarian (ok, free market totalitarian) Chinese government that, if all possible, they should avoid using goose stepping soldiers a ceremonies of peace and international brotherhood.  I mean,  moonwalking would be better, for chrissakes…Where’s Paula Abdul when you need her.

b. Note to President “164 Days and counting” W. Bush:  Was that Vladamir “the Impaler of neighboring nation’s sovereignty”  Putin I saw sitting by you in the stands?  Now GW, outreach is well and good but did VP invite you into his box seats after you invaded your own soveriegn state on minimal legal grounds?  Tit for Tat, GW, Tit for Tat.

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