At A Boy, Pluto

Hello America and congratulations.  Now that your Supreme Court has wisely decided to lift all bans on money in politics you can safely say the USA is closer to being the Happiest Place On Earth.

I mean, after all, we’re now officially living under the rule of Mickey’s Dog!
Welcome to Plutocracy, everyone.

Hope you enjoy your visit. and be sure to check out our new attraction opening Fall, 2012: Palintopia!


San Diegans should pay attention to oral argument before the US Supreme Court today as it indirectly has bearing on a matter of considerable local controversy.  The case, Salazar v. Buono,  concerns a cross erected on public lands decades ago as a war memorial that has been challenged in recent years over the issue of  separation of church and state.  The ownership of the land was subsequently transferred by an act of government (Congress, in this case) to a private entity (a veterans group) with the proviso they maintain the cross.  Sound familiar?

The court has heard a number of freedom of religion cases recently.  In can be anticipated that the decision in the Salazar case will generate lots of public debate nationally—and may have significant impact locally.  Stay tuned.