Off to the Races

Well papers are graded and the semester is over.  All that’s left is administrative paper work – and the 2010 Primary Elections.

I’ll be providing analysis for KGTV 10 again this year, between 8:30 or there abouts  (depending on how long it takes the Lakers to dunk the Celtics) and 11:30.  This year I get to be in studio which means a) I don’t have to deal with all the noise and crazy people down at Golden Hall; and b) I don’t have to deal with the labor dispute at Golden Hall.

(Note to Jess Durfee:  Yo Dude, while it is commendable that you are holding the line in Union Solidarity—Go AFT 1931, my homies–and all by not crossing the line into Golden Hall do realize that means for most San Diegans tonight politics in America’s Finest City is going to be dominated by Republicans, Tea Partiers and the Really Really Really Whacked Out Right that thinks Ron Paul is still running while Democrats are the Party That Can Not Find There Way On To The  TV.  Hope you have a backup plan, dude.)

I’ll also be participating in City Beat’s first election night live chat room which you too can join at SDVOTES.COM.  Hope to hear from you.

I wrap up tomorrow with KPBS’s election wrap up on These Days at 9AM.

So, lots to do and talk about.  I’ve got three major questions for the evening:

1.  Is  California heading towards blissful Matriarchy?   Will Whitman/Fiorina/Atkins/Salas et al. triumph over their male rivals?

2. Is California heading deeper into Plutarchy?  Will PG&E and Mercury Insurance be able to show that it really is that easy (albeit pricey) to buy the legislation they want wholesale through the initiative process cutting out the legislative middlemen?

3. Combining 1 & 2,  with the megabucks spent by Whitman & Fiorina, Inc. will California now be ruled by Plutarchy with a Femine Face?

The next twelve hours will tell.

Go vote if you haven’t.  I am.

2 Responses to “Off to the Races”

  1. Erik Says:

    “He who has the Gold, rules”
    “Plutarchy” has always been a part of American life, and never more so perhaps than in California where massive land swindles and the capers of people like Harrison G. Otis and his cronies defined political life in the early years and largely determined the future political culture of the state. And the political beatification of Saint Ronnie was certainly a demonstration of what Oligarchs can do when they band together. At least for now it looks like Prop. 16 went down by a narrow margin, when it should have been defeated by 90%. Amazing how the Sheeple can be manipulated into voting against their own interests…

  2. Lori Saldaña Says:

    Agree Whitman and Fiorina will be challenges for Brown and Boxer. Fact is, rich Republican women in the state legislature has been the norm in Sacramento for years.

    While 1992 was “Year of the Democratic Woman,” and saw Boxer and Feinstein go to DC, the Republican party has taken a different path until Sara/Carly/Meg.

    Reeps in CA have ejected moderate women in their party who crossed party lines on budget votes – see Charlene Zettel and Tricia Hunter from San Diego for local examples. The fear of retribution keeps Reep women in check in Sacramento, even as they win tight races. Consider Shirley Horton (R) beating Vince Hall (D) in 2002 78th AD legislative race.

    But personal wealth levels the gender playing field. Check out the net worth of the Reep women serving now- the contrast between parties is significant. Reep Spouses also win more often than Dem spouses who run.

    With one or two exceptions, Dem women in the legislature are single working moms and/or come from middle/working class backgrounds. Reep women- very different situation. Most come from wealth- married or their own.

    And now, as Reep voter reg #s are dropping faster than Dem/DTS, the party is realizing that women can take away Dem votes better than traditional Reep men. They are aiming for the “Reagan dems” of a generation ago with Whitman/Fiorina.

    This year in CA we could see the Sara Palin factor McCain had hoped for in 2008, but that young voters/voters of color overcame with their support of Obama.

    Another factor: stereotypes about women (nurturers, more trustworthy, etc.) work well at local/state levels of government that deal with education, healthcare, and social services. This breaks down a bit at the congressional level, but in SD, voters have strongly elected women in state leg districts, and non-partisan local seats.

    This may also explain the Laurie Zapf/Kim Tran results in Dist. 6- the two women received nearly 50% of the vote.

    (Side question: why have no women of color ever won a city council seat in San Diego? Tran would have been the first Asian woman. We’ve never had a Latina or African American woman serve locally despite being 8th or so largest city in US with very diverse demographics.)

    So- just thought I’d toss out a a few gender/class/race issues for readers to chew on in addition to the political.

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