Brownie, You’re Doing a Heck of a Job

Except this time the accolade is justifiable.    The former Governor formerly known as Governor Moonbeam now wants to be the future Governor.  Give ‘em heck, Brownie.  Like Obi Wan back in the big game Jerry hopes to deep six the latest Corporate Sith Lord, Meg Whitman.  Running a government of  thirty-seven million Californians, over two hundred thousand state employees and a  hundred billion dollar budget is  just a tad different than running an eight billion dollar company with fifteen thousand employees. Governments don’t make profits.  Governments are not supposed to go through bubbles and burst (failed states being such a messier thing than filing chapter 11.  A man with decades of experience in public life might just have an edge on a political business newbie.

Now if Jerry just wasn’t 114 years old….


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