Goodbye Ruby Ridge Tuesday (and Hello Joe Stack Thursday?)

A crazy man with tax trouble and a chip the size of the US debt on his shoulderplows his plane into an IRA office in Austin.

Bloggers on the right immediately (and correctly) react by saying you can’t pin this nutjob on Tea Party anti-tax activists.

Bloggers on the left, off course,  immediately began crowing that the excesses of the anti-Obama, anti-tax, anti-government, anti-stimulus, anti-healthcare reform, anti-fluoridated  Tea Partying  honchos  have come home to roost.

Yes, the more extreme (or is it “mainstream”?–sorry, couldn’t resist) of the  Tea Party activists have been carrying  signs around depicting Obama as a commie fascist and calling  the Federal government an oppressive totalitarian tyranny.  It’s one thing, however, to carry around signs stating stupid things.  It’s another to do a really evil thing and try and kill people with a plane.   Joe Stack was whacked.  That should be the end of it.

It doesn’t help matters when a newbie politician to put his foot in it, forgetting that campaign trail rhetoric doesn’t  always serve the post-campaign world.   Scott Brown’s comments  working the words “people are frustrated” and “no-one likes to pay taxes” into the discussion of Stack’s attack is evidence that behind Brown’s  good looks and successful campaign slogans is possibly a whole lot of empty intellect.  Which makes the junior Senator from Massachusetts a natural addition to what has become the world’s greatest debased debating society.

His–let us just call them “unfortunate”–remarks .  also provide fodder to the left-wing blogosphere trying to link the attack to stupid statements on the right.

Of course many of conservative bloggers  wasted no time in making a similarly specious connection between the nutjob who shot up a US army base and radical Islam and, indeed, Islam in general.  But extrapolating from the deranged actions of the one to the  foolish actions of the few and from there to corned actions of the many does nothing to contribute to a vital national debate on anything.

As, unfortunately is par for the course of current American discourse.

One can only hope that the Stack incident will be allowed to sink into the depths of  forgotten depravity  as is deserved and the Mr. Stack will find the justice he thought he sought in this life in the next.  I don’t think he’d like it very much.

Unless, that is, whackos on the right undermine  conservative bloggers attempts to disassociate the conservative movement from conservative whackos on the right  like Stack.    Eighteen years after a shoot out at Ruby Ridge left  two civilians and one deputy US marshal dead one can still find and buy Ruby Ridge long-sleeve T-shirt  o-line for a pricey thirty bucks.   Randy Weaver is still a folk hero.

So, will Joe Stack’s face start showing up on Tea Partier T-Shirts?  If it does then the movement has gone over the cliff.

Anyone want to start a pool on when the first Joe S. T-Shirts hit the stacks, by the way?


3 Responses to “Goodbye Ruby Ridge Tuesday (and Hello Joe Stack Thursday?)”

  1. hollywoodmeme Says:

    Can’t we all just get along? For all who are interested; is giving away free Scott Brown for President bumper stickers (while supplies last).

  2. Carl Luna Says:

    Brown and Palin are placeholders while GOP scientists secretly working in Brazil complete their efforts to clone a new Reagan from hair follicles they’ve preserved since “Death Valley Days.”

    I mean, after all, in a saner world run by grownups wouldn’t the later case be actually more plausible than either of the two former ones?

  3. Daydream Darling » Stack Says:

    […] Goodbye Ruby Ridge Tuesday (and Hello Joe Stack Thursday … Goodbye Ruby Ridge Tuesday (and Hello Joe Stack Thursday?) February 19, 2010 — Carl Luna. A crazy man with tax trouble and a chip the size of the US debt on his shoulderplows his plane into an IRA office in Austin. … […]

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