Where’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” When You Really Need It?


The information coming out on the tragic shootings at Fort Hood are beginning to paint a portrait of a potentially dangerous man who was not adequately tagged and bagged as such by the military powers that be.   Which of course is allowing conservative pundits to have a field day making political hay out of carnage to justify every political bugaboo they’ve ever warned of about “political correctness” fostering a danger from within from America’s Muslim community.  One can only imagine how many military careers  now stand to be ruined as pressure builds to throw Muslim American military personnel out with Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s bloody bath water.

Pity the murderous major wasn’t gay.  If he had been he would have been given an express ride out of his man’s military, just like the over two dozen military Arabic translators mustered out for personal peccadilloes, critical  war skills or no, threat or no. 

Oh irony. How bitter is thy bite.


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