Where’s Papa?


Taking  a break from my summer break to query my two readers .  A Politico reporter asked me if I knew what Duncan “Used to be all over the news but then I retired and my kid inherited my seat (so much for every man is equal democracy) and is now hogging the limelight” L. Hunter is doing these days.  I don’t.  Nor can I find hide nor hair of him in the papers, analog, digital or funny.  Anyone know what our former “Strides the Halls of  Congress Like a Leviathan” Hunter is up to in retirement these days.  Or, more to the Politico point, I’m sure, any idea of how he’s cashing in on retirement?


2 Responses to “Where’s Papa?”

  1. ljdiver Says:

    Cashing in? Good for Duncan! I hope he is doing well. As for you Luna how is that “Change” working out for you? Marxism or maybe Socialism how do you call it? Can’t wait for this!
    No I am not a Tool!

  2. Carl Luna Says:


    What do you mean, “cash in”? As if he hasn’t for the past 26 years and then successfully handing his old gig to his kid like a seat in Congress is a family heirloom? As for what I call “change”, how about “overdue” or “liberal democratic” or “give average people a chance at the trough.” As I say to all the yahoos out there who wouldn’t know a socialist from a fascist if it bit them on the butt (thereby giving them a traumatic brain injury): “Go read a book.” Words have meaning and need be used correctly or you empty discourse of meaning and expose your own ignorance. You can call an aardvark a kumquat (or yourself, Ljdiver, informed) but that doesn’t make it so. Your (I presume) guy George W. did more for socialism – AKA the TARP plan in which government took partial ownership of a host financial institutions IS socialism in its true definition, far more so than anything the current White House occupant has dared do. And, for that matter, the US military is probably the most socialist institution in American society with its hierarchical, centrally-planned structure and its cradle to grave social safety net. So, what, LJ – you don’t like the military. How un-American of you.


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