Positive Some Game

Found this (click here)   in my in basket today from a group called Project Win Win, a  new online non-profit organization  working on a bill to “restore representative government.   You can take their survey here.

Another off-the-wall group?  Visionaries?  You decide.  Then again, if Rush Limbaugh can emerge as the legitimate  voice of conservatism,  anything must go.


2 Responses to “Positive Some Game”

  1. Strelnikov Says:

    Rush is the legitimate voice of the American yahoo, so yeah, I guess he’s the “voice of American conservatism.”

  2. mlaiuppa Says:

    Scientifically public surveys? I’m thinking, lies, d@mned lies and statistics. There ain’t so such animal.

    Only 100 concerns?

    5% to filibuster? Is this a joke or are they really that insane?

    I see implementation of their win-win model causing a 100 day rotation of nothing getting done, concerns being blocked and then revisited over and over and over.

    Bottom line? I think it’s a stupid idea.

    To borrow from Stalin: He who forms the survey questions, decides the answers.

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