Heeee’s Baaaack

Hello Reader(s)  (the plural being more than a bit optimistic on my part.)

Took some time off from the blog after a very busy fall of classes and a few dozen media interviews and community presentation.  I was politicked out by November 5.  I’m back to refresh my little piece of the blogosphere, though under slightly different terms.  I’m going to try and contract and regularize my postings from here on, looking to publish one piece a week on Thursdays.  I figure a regular schedule will force me to actually write and let you know what and when to expect.  We’ll see how it goes.  Expect the first entry next week.  Until then just a little taste:

Recent headlines concerning our city’s new, erstwhile City Attorney,  Jan “the Uncrusader” Goldsmith:

Council’s allowance for autos affirmedOne member blasts Goldsmith’s opinion .

Goldsmith files suit without council OK: As a candidate, he held opposing view

Layoffs in Goldsmith’s Office

Goldsmith’s Guillotine 

 Gee, it’s nice to see things get back to normal at the CA’s office now, isn’t it.

 And question for the day:  Given Barack Obama’s affinity for all things Lincoln, would he want to join the San Diego Lincoln Club? And an even bigger question: Would they have him?


5 Responses to “Heeee’s Baaaack”

  1. ted Says:

    Speaking of the Lincoln Club I am promoting the idea of the John Wilkes Booth club to knock them off the next time they dare set foot of flyer in Chula Vista!! Anybody wanna join?

  2. ted Says:

    sorry- no proof reader – that’s foot OR flyer in CV

  3. nunya Says:

    Welcome back. You were missed here. 🙂

  4. mlaiuppa Says:

    Welcome back. I’ve had to get my political fix reading Progressive Alaska and the Mudflats. Very entertaining.

  5. Carl Luna Says:

    Good to be back. I’d suggest an “Honest Abe” alternative to the faux-Lincoln Club.

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