What Obama Should Say II

Okay, he said John McCain’s recycling George W. Bush’s economic policies is like “putting lipstick on a pig.” And then all sexist-card claiming hades broke out.  My question is, where has the Democrat’s fast response team been?  (Oh, I forgot. The Daily Show and Colbert Report are off this week…).  Republicans had an ad out attacking Obama nano-seconds after his remarks.  An ad portraying Barack Obama as a wolf?  Any racist subtext to that one, intentional or otherwise, that could be revisted back upon the Republicans?  Of course there is.  But Democrats are too high minded to get down in the GOP muck and fight back.  Hey Dems, how’s that been going for you?  (Let’s see, 3 & 6 in the last forty years.  That’s decent .333 ball, ain’t it?)

Dems, pool your quarters—and grad students with google and lexus-nexus—and find one instance of John McCain and/or Sarah Palin using either the phrases “Night and day” or “Black and white.”  The ad you should have run immediately this week shows them saying those line, then says “Black and white? Night and day?  Are John McCain and Sarah Palin playing quietly being  racists while blasting Barack Obama?” Long pause with dramatic music. “Of course not.  And Barack Obama wasn’t being sexist.  And John McCain and Sarah Palin know it.  They just don’t want YOU to think about meaningless drivel like who’s got lipstick on what. And they DON’T want YOU to think about what’s really  important for America—and YOU. Like will you have a house, job or healthcare next year.  Election 2008—it’s too important to waste spending time on cr*p like this!”
And then Barack Obama, hugging a pig, can say he endorses the ad…..

I read with some pleasure that the Obama campaign is finally saying it’ll get a bit more down and dirty.  I’ll ultimately believe it when I see it.  You can lead a horse to water after all…but, then, one dares not use animal metaphors in this political climate.


9 Responses to “What Obama Should Say II”

  1. Larry Says:

    Here’s what I said last December 21 How’d I do gang?
    Interesting analysis. I don’t see this election as being like 96 at all. For one thing, the Democrats are not the Incumbents. For another, you are vastly underestimating the role of the likely Historic selection of the Democratic nominee which has disaster written all over it for the Democrats. The Republicans may not be enthused by their candidates at this point-but as a Party they are more about being against these anyway-rather than for things-and Obama or Hillary gives them something big to be against.
    The polls do no indicate this 9 point margin of victory for the Dems u speak of-over a Moderate Republican such as McCain. And this is before the inevitable(and relentless) attacks on Hillary of Obama kick in. I may be really against the conventional wisdom here-but i think things are really playing out to the Republican hoped for script. The fear card is still looming large out there-The “I’m tougher than you”are Republican candidates are salivating over the chances to run against a Woman(and a Clinton) or someone with a “Muslim” surname.
    I would also add that Democrats are usually leading in polls early in the race against Republican counterparts(even Dukakis lead solidly during race) Until the attacks kick in- I’m surprised that people always forget that pattern in each election cycle. This time the Democratic candidates are not leading in polls now-even before the “swift-boating” has begun. How do you see this leading to a 9 point or greater margin of victory for the Democrats?

  2. Larry Says:

    It’s weird. I felt like the only one predicting that Dems would lose for real for like a year. It’s like everyone forgot what always happens in recent presidential elections th toe Democrat, and more ammunition than ever this year for the Republican attackers-Can’t believe y’all didn’t see that coming. Here’s what i said in May;
    Mlaiuppa-I share your wish, but not your analysis of the election. In this forum, I responded to Mr. Luna’s post titled Doppelganger in December archives-dated Dec 21. I think Democrats are in incredible denial about some realities in this election. Mr. Luna wrote of a likely 9 pt. Democratic Victory in December, and I believe that would have been likely if not for the 2 partic. candidates they elevated to the top of the heap. I don’t think people have been seeing this election lucidly from last year-when The democrats picked their leading candidates(or the Media did-Whatever) Racism will play a Huge Role in this election, and to deny it is to not look the country in the eye. With Hillary’s reprehensible behavior-divide and Conquer Rovian strategy leading the way-we got a taste of the future when 75 % or so of Dem voters voted against the frontrunner in Multiple states. I predicted this in this forum in December when it was wildly underplayed by Mr. Luna and others at the time of Obama Mania. Just because nobody wants to call this reality what it is, does not mean it has not happened and will not Happen.
    The Democrats have done what they have done many, many times before. Sabotaged their own chances for election, and i said so here last year. But, I do hope I am wrong and Mr. Luna, and Mlaiuppa are right.

  3. Augmented Ballot Says:

    How’d ya do, Larry? Let’s check back a little farther out from the GNC/Palin bounce.

    The swift-boating and Rovianism were, of course, to be expected. And could prove relatively effective. But right now McCain’s campaign looks to me fairly diminished, disorganized, and desperate. Rove might bring them enough to keep it close, but…

  4. Larry Says:

    Wishful/hopeful thinking I get. As i said months ago to the others on here predicting Obama victory-hope you’re right, don’t believe u are. I believe (sadly) Republicans will win solidly ultimately(yeah u saw that right) Unlike 2004, and and 2000 where I believe they lost both times(Yeah u saw that right too) I’m not a Professor like Mr. Luna but the idea of “the bounce” has never been something that really makes sense to me. Elections are not really about issues(if they were Republicans would really have no chance) and if the people were informed and malfeasance also didn’t take place of course. The Palin pick was cynically brilliant to me immediately, and do not rely on the Media to begin to make the election what is really should be: The Criminality of The Republican Party of the last 8 years.
    Sorry-Looks bad

  5. mlaiuppa Says:

    If I recall someone (can’t remember if it was you or not) said Obama would die because he was black and there are too many closet racists in the voting booth who will say race doesn’t matter to the pollsters but vote white in the privacy of the booth.

    I still say Obama will win. He’ll win because McCain and Palin will go TOO far and alienate the independents. Couple that with Obama untieing the hands of the 527s and any other group that wants to have at the Republicans. Planned Parenthood already released a whopper today. There will be more.

    And while I don’t see Obama giving up his basic principles, I don’t see him rolling over and simply turning the other cheek either. He won’t stoop to the level of the McCain camp, but he won’t take it anymore. He’s assertive. And he can be polite and courteous but still be assertive. He can punch without lies or character assassination.

    I would like to hear him use the word LIAR more often, however. As I’ve said so often, it isn’t slander (or libel) if it’s true.

    Can’t wait for the debates.

  6. Larry Says:

    We had a related discussion months ago, and I hoped you were right then and now. Agreed about the calling lies for what they are. Ultimate arbiter: is what you’re saying true or not about the other guy. Republicans IMHO rely on people not knowing or caring what is true and what is not, and the Media play along with the swift boating, Willie Hortoning, Lipsticking et al. Also, part of the problem.
    But I have some hope that I’m too fatalistic, maybe it’s from seeing this scenario play out so many times in the past

  7. mlaiuppa Says:

    Even some of the right wing media called the McCain campaign out of trying to push the “lipstick on a pig” metaphor into sexism.

    I really think the McCain Camp will go too far and the public will finally get wise, see clearly and be appropriately sick. It may take a bit.

    Wildlife Defense Fund has a disturbing video on hunting wolves from planes. Planned Parenthood has a video. There are groups that are taking the offensive for Obama. While he probably won’t get in the mud, he also won’t turn the other cheek.

    I agree, let’s get a bit out from the RNC bounce and then see where the polls are.

    I think the debates will be more significant this year than they have been in any other year. We know Obama can handle a debate. We know McCain can lose his temper. We know Joe Biden knows his stuff. And we know Sarah Palin hasn’t studied enough. (I read it takes 6 months to get “up to speed” and she has what? 6 weeks until the election? 6 days until the debates?)

    How many “deer in the headlights” end up mounted on someone’s wall?

  8. Larry Says:

    As I said a year ago-just because no one wants to call this reality what it is, does not mean it is not so

  9. Daniel J. Smiechowski Says:

    Regarding Senator McCain’s position on the bail out of Wall Street: I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the shed but perhaps now is a good time for The Honorable Senator to call for the privatization of Social Security. Daniel J. Smiechowski

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