City Hall — The Discussion Goes On

I’m having a friendly agree-to-disagree with my CityBeat Editor, Dave Rolland, over the idea of building a new downtown City Hall.  You can follow the thread of the discussion here.


2 Responses to “City Hall — The Discussion Goes On”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:


    As a taxpayer I really don’t want to fork out more money to pay for a new City Hall. I know the current one has problems, but it’s only forty years old. The proposed new one is projected to last 40 years. Since when did huge buildings become such short term, built in obsolescence structures? I look at Europe; the coloseum, Versaille, Notre Dame, Parliament, or even the east coast; The Chrysler building, the Empire State Building. Any public building that can’t last longer than 40 years is a waste of taxpayer money, poorly planned and lacks foresight.

    That said, I understand that there are issues with the current building. So something must be done.

    Now, I worked in a middle school that decentralized the office. For a while. The counselors were split up into three areas close to the classrooms where that grade level attended class. It lasted two years. Then they were all brought back into one centralized office.

    Now, I think there are plenty of city services that would benefit greatly from being located outside of downtown San Diego. When I have to go downtown, I do not drive to a trolley parking lot and then pay to take the trolley downtown, then pay to come back and get in my car and drive home. I drive downtown and back. Not everyone lives close to the trolley. Getting on a bus, then transferring to the trolley etc and then doing it backwards to get home can turn a 15 min. trip into a 45 min. commute. Insane. Now….why should I go all the way downtown to apply for a building permit? And I see nothing wrong with the offices of my councilperson being in my district. The city council can go ahead and meet in a downtown hall, but they can have their offices in the district. Communication? Well, there’s the phone and e-mail. That provides a nice trail. No more schmoozing in the hallways or in offices behind closed doors. I’ll bet there are plenty of city services that could be decentralized. But there also needs to be a central downtown city presence.

    So I guess a compromise needs to be reached.

    And within a reasonable budget. The economy sucks and I see no reason to build a new city hall when a new downtown public library has been planned for how many DECADES?

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