On Golden Hall

Miscellaneous observations from my five action-filled hours at Golden Hall tonight.

Oh, and I noticed walking in and out  of the hall that the Civic Theater is going big time Andrew Llyod Weber this summer.  Phantom of the Opera as a metaphor for the fall campaign?  Cats as a metaphor for Democratic party infighting? Hope you enjoy musicals, San Diego.

So, what is it with Ron Paul supporter?   Are they:  a) really enthusiastic and committed; b) really have no lives;  c) are too poor to afford cable so they don’t know their candidate isn’t a candidate for anything anymore; d) are nuts; e) are really nuts; or f) all of the above?  Me, I think it is ditto the last two in spades.  There were probably as many signs being waved for the Man from Texas via Outer Space as for any of the other (real) candidates.

I enjoyed the Democratic moment when Mike Lumpkin supporters kept screaming “I Like Mike”  all night around Duncan Hunter the elder and Little Duncan D.  The father-son duo seemed to take it in good humor and stride.  Of course, tomorrow Duncan senior will have the Lumpkinites rounded up and sent to Gitmo.   My big question is, after this is all over and Mike Lumpkin is soundly thumped by Duncan the younger come fall (and who said America doesn’t like old world style dynasties…), will the Lumpkinites meet up with the Paulies and form their own desperate supporters support group?

(Note to San Diego Democrats:  might you get your act together and run the right candidate in the right District – like Mike “I Can Kill You With My Pinkie Because I Was A Seal, Buckoo” Lumpkin, who should have been run in the 50tht against Brian “Never Served But Sure Did Surf A lot, Dude”  Bilbray as opposed to Francine “Once A Schoolboard Candidate Always Campaign Like a Schoolboard Candidate” Busby?)

Meanwhile, the excitement level in the hall after nine reached the fevered pitch of an Hometown Buffet’s on senior all-you-can-eat fish night.  Oh what a fascination an election that generates a 40% turnout rate has on the voice box of vox populi.  Note to San Diego: if you really do want elections that generate a somewhat demographic representation of the city, how about scheduling municipal primaries the same day as the big Presidential primaries, whatever day that might be come spring 2012?

And what is it about Election central that brings out enough quirky characters to fill a half dozen David Mamet plays?  Like the 60 something rail-thin biker dude sporting the obligatory American flag bandana around his gray ponytailed head?  Or the legions of Libertarians consisting largely of twenty and thirty something white males who look like they just came from a Bund meeting?  Though you have to hand it to the Libertarians.  What other party would run a candidate for Congress  with the handle Dan “Frodo”  Litwin.  (Who got, as of this writing, 59 of the 25,000 votes cast in the 51st District—presumably from free market/small government hobbits).

Most unfortunate chant of the evening: Todd Gloria supporters chant/singing the golden oldie, “G-L-O-R-I-A GLORIA!” (I’m sure they paid the Warlocks-cum-Grateful Dead for the privilege…).  Runner up:  the Mike Lumpkin supporters chanting “We Like Mike” forgetting a) he wasn’t a general; and b) he isn’t Ike.  But, then, neither is Duncan D.

Most unfortunate statement of the evening:  Mike Aguirre mouthpiece Dan McGrath saying, when asked why Mike didn’t spend more money and campaign more for the primary, that Mike tends to fund his own campaigns and has to be careful with his money because he has to plan for his retirement.  Uh-huh. Like from being City Attorney which, given that challenger Jan Goldsmith is ahead of him in the returns and given that the other 40% of the vote that didn’t go to him or Judge Jan went to candidates united in only their mutual desire to see him bounced out of office, means that unless the erstwhile embattled CA actually does start to try and mount a modicum of real campaign come the fall is a likely outcome come December?


On to fall.  Only 154 days to go until the next election.


5 Responses to “On Golden Hall”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    That other 40% might not be so easy to call when faced with Jan as an alternative to Mike.

    I wonder how many voters thought they were voting for Duncan Sr. and not Duncan Jr.?

    Meanwhile, John Hartley had to throw in the towel. Boo-hoo.

    Richard Barrera ran a great campaign. I think Luis Acle should reconsider a political career when he can’t even get valid signatures by deadlines. He hasn’t exactly displayed stellar leadership on the school board either.

    Maybe the Ron Paul supporters are hoping he’ll be offered VP? It might be a better alternative than either Romney or Huckleberry.

    Oh…..and Obama is the Democratic nominee. (told you so.)

  2. Strelnikov Says:

    It’s “bucko” with one “o.” The Ron Paulsheviks need to get a life, but then we knew that a while ago.

  3. Spartacus Payne Says:

    I talked to some of them, and found the reasons the Paul supporters were down there that night were to 1) advertise Ron Paul (since he is blacklisted by the media)…BTW, the RNC has not yet picked their nominee, and Paul still IS in the race, despite what Rockefeller and Carnegie want you to think and 2) to associate the message of Freedom and Liberty with local candidates who have similar philosophies (eg Dan Felzer, Michael Benoit, Rich Berlitz, John Van Doorn, etc). Ron Paul is the only anti-unconstitutional war advocate out there, and this will recapitulate in the 52nd district race: You have two martial candidates (Lumpkin and Hunter have no experience other than being in the military. We know how young Duncan feels about the war, and Lumpkin is for the war: he is only against a non-winning strategy. Lumpkin has not committed to ending US military imperialism.) Compare with Benoit, one of those “wacky Libertarians,” who is staunchly against this (and all) undeclared and unconstitutional wars of imperialism. Doesnt sound so wacky to me?! Especially since the Dems were elected to COngress to END the war…and they DIDNT. The more I hear the Ron Paul/Libertarian message, the more I like it, as it is in tune with what I always thought America was all about. After reading Carl Lunas article here, I am more apt now to look into the Libertarian candidate…It is also funny Strelnikov refers to the Paul supporters as “Paulsheviks,” who are the total opposite of what the Bolsheviks stand for! Nice double-speak. Love em or hate em, Paul supporters are against forced wealth-redistributionism. That aint Liberty.

  4. nunya Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your local coverage 🙂

  5. Raymore Says:


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