An Odd Year

Elections in odd-numbered council districts and an odd trio challenging an odd city attorney make for odd times Read the rest in CityBeat Online HERE.


Am I the only one mildly creeped out by Carl DeMaio? He shows up on the local political scene six years ago, fully formed but without any real history behind him, like he had just emerged from a pod cultivated at the Reagan Ranch and dispatched to infect San Diego with his conservative mantra: Government is bad, taxes are too high, downsize this, outsource that, reform government by taking it back to 19th-century laissez faire, etc. Every time I hear or see him, I wonder if little Carl DeMaio doppelgangers in smooth suits are peddling the same neo-con gospel in city councils and boards of supervisors from Klamath Falls, Ore., to Beaufort, S.C. Then I snap out of it and realize: Of course they are.


One Response to “An Odd Year”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    LOL. Yes. There is something creepy about Carl DeMaio. But I thought it was only me feeling that way. I’ve wondered if there were a bunch of little Carl clones being unleashed across the country. Like the phone company robots in The President’s Analyst.

    BTW have you noticed how many asterisks are appearing on voter guides with the name “Democrat” printed on them but, if you read the fine print, have nothing to do with the Democratic Party? I wonder how many Democrats in San Diego are stupid enough to vote for the candidates (with the asterisks) being recommended on those flyers?

    In the meantime I’m feeling frisky. I think I’ll vote for Eric Bidwell.

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