Poll Dance

The KGTV/Survey USA poll released yesterday adds a few glimpses of San Diego’s  politically undiscovered country.  According to the poll,  Gentleman Jerry “Jeez, could we have gotten back into the bonds market any closer to the election than this? And Stevo—another G+1/T-1 to you!” Sanders leads  St. Francis of the City by a five point margin.  Good news for Sanders who has barely rippled the media waters with campaign ads even as Francis has used his millions of media dollars to generate what has turned into a tempest in a San Diego teapot.  Bad news for Jerry: 43% of respondents said they were voting for one of the other candidates and seventeen percent are outright undecided.  That means Sanders hopes of knocking out Francis in the primary without need for a runoff may be a tad dimmed.  But Sanders is still the odds on favorite to put this to bed on the third.

In the City Attorney brawl, Maligned Mauling Mike Aguirre continues to sail on under his lucky star.  While Judge Jan, supported by the  local GOP, the “Damn the turpitude, full speed ahead” downtown business crew and their spokesrag in chief, the UT,  was supposed to wallop Mike in June and end his reign of misery.  But the unexpectedly crowded field of Mikey-replacement wannabes has drowned that dream.

The KGTV/Survey USA poll shows Aguirre cruising (for a bruising?) with 29% of the vote.  Councilmen Scott Peters (17%) and Brian Maienschein “Steamroller (15%),  meanwhile,  drown out Jan Goldsmith (15%).   If this trend holds, Aguirre goes on to the runoff against his City Council President and arch-nemesis Peters—two democrats fighting it out.  While I think Peters is probably the  best qualified  (Wizard of Oz Witch size warts and all) out of the pack of Aguirre opponents to take on the job of City Attorney , he would probably be a weaker opponent than Goldsmith, with his GOP base to float on, might be.


6 Responses to “Poll Dance”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    Polls. Gotta luv em.

    They were so accurate in….New Hampshire.

  2. TTanaka Says:

    Can we still write-in Donna as a candidate?

  3. Carl Luna Says:


    You can (you can write anyone in, even Elvis) but it won’t matter. Donna decided not to run and she’s not going to serve. Your official choices are pretty much what you’ve got to work with.

  4. Carl Luna Says:


    There are lies, damn lies, statistics and polls. Polls are always accurate — except for when they’re not. I think the CA poll is pretty much on target — Aguirre gets into the runoff and the anti-Aguirre-istas split their vote three ways. Judge Jan still has a good chance of pulling off second. November will be the interesting race.

  5. Pat Cooney Says:

    Back in the day, before being arrested, we had the wannabe mayor Roger “Con” Hedgecock running for office, who seemed, like Francis, to change stripes for various groups to get elected. He became a more kinder gentler Roger that courted the gay community and promised that he supported their right, benefits and well being. After elected he would turn into one of the more antigay elected officials we’ve had in recent history. The blind sided gay community shook their head asking what happened.
    Are we repeating history with the new and improved version of Francis? What exactly was he like prior to becoming queen of the environment and king of the seemingly non-traditional Republican cause?.. not that political affiliation has anything to do with the mayoral race.
    And what about that big housing boom under quiet, unassuming, mayor Sanders? I recall that he said he wasn’t beholden to housing interests when seeking our vote, but looking at the mass construction projects and the record profits in housing for the likes of Pardee homes? It seems Mr Sanders might not have been upfront either. Of course, more jobs were generated with the housing boom… Low wage jobs, many filled by private contractors who take advantage of unfair slave-wage earning labor from Mexico, some illegal. But the mayor and the council seemingly looked the other way until one was built just one story too tall, and by an airport of all places.

    You could write me in on that ballot but be forewarned I would promise to seek an upfront moderate tax increases to pay for the sustainable funding/fixing/maintenance of the basic city infrastructure and fire protection. It’s called fiscal responsibility or a Ross Perot approach to governance. I know many San Diegan’s feel they are privileged and need not pay a few extra coins for the basics, but eventually the citizens of San Diego will have to grow up and pay their way upfront, or continue to live in a failing city with collapsing water pipes and streets. Time to cut up those credit cards and pay in full, rather than pushing it off on future generations at a higher cost.
    In terms of Polls, I obviously would not poll dance well in San Diego. And, if elected and I made it through the mayorship without impeachment, I certainly would not be re-elected. But damn it would be a kick to shake things up and do the right thing to get San Diego back in a healthy state.

  6. mlaiuppa Says:

    Write ME in.

    If elected I *will* serve.

    And the first thing *I’ll* to is pursue desalination AND toilet-to-tap recycling. The water situation is only going to get worse and while conservation is good and should continue, it isn’t the solution. Just like cutting the budget without raising any taxes or revenues isn’t the solution either.

    Time to look waaaay into the future and not just the next election.

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