The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker

Or, better yet as a title, Mitt Romney –You’re terminated. For the last year-most recently just eleven days ago—his Schwarzeneggerness was declaring that he wouldn’t endorse a GOP contender prior to the Fab Feb Five primary. Oh what a difference a fortnight makes. Or clear indications from South Carolina and Florida as to whom the GOP nominee will probably be.

The Terminator’s endorsement will play a strong role in helping John McCain win the state Tuesday. The core of the California Republican party sees McCain as a RINO at best, an outright liberal at worst (of course the right wing of the California GOP thinks Ghengis Khan was too progressive). But GOP moderates who voted for Arnold will be more than happy to darken an oval for the Gubenator’s new best political bud. Given McCain’s momentum coming into the Golden State and the increasing national perception of McCain as a politically dead man walking, Gentleman John Mc probably wins the state by a comfortable margin.

Smart move by our Barbarian Governor. Also a move I said he’d need to take last February. Principle and keeping to one’s word is one thing and doing the politically expedient thing can often be quite another. But ingratiating himself with McCain Schwarzenegger can take credit for delivering California if McCain wins the state. And if California puts McCain’s campaign over the top as the clear front runner of the party, Arnold can also claim the mantle of presidential king maker.

If McCain wins next November (unlikely) then Arnold has a pal in the White House whose IOU Arnold holds in his pocket. Or humidor, as the case may be. A McCain loss next November leaves Schwarzenegger the de facto power in the GOP as governor of the nation’s larger state. Either way, Arnold comes out of this a paramount national figure in the GOP. Which won’t hurt him come his run in 2010 against Barbara Boxer.

As Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be the king.”


4 Responses to “The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    So. Do you still think Hillary will be facing McCain come November?

  2. carlluna Says:

    Even though the polls are tightening up I think Clinton still takes the Golden State (poll I heard yesterday says Edwards’ support breaks 3:2 her favor) but it will be close — probably within 5 points so they’ll spllit the delegates. But she’ll take NY, New Jersey and Arkansas and maybe even a few other Southern States and wind up with enough delegates to be the clear front runner. Then Obama will have to decide if he wants to drag things out–possibly to a divided convention–providing fodder to Republicans in November and draining Democrat wallets–or do the good soldier thing and drop out, which makes him heir-apparent to Hillary in 2012 (by what time he’ll be what, 32?). Now that the Republicans seem to have a likely nominee in McCain, Dems need to wrap their race up asap.

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    What makes you think that Hillary won’t go for a second term in 2012? (And by that time probably souring the well for Obama and any other Democrat in 2016.)

    Uh, 32? Shame, shame Dr. Luna. You have to be 35 to run for President. That was a joke….right?

    Obama is 47 (versus Hillary’s 60) and not the youngest person to BE President. Polk was 49, Pierce 48, Grant 46, Garfield 49, Cleveland 47, Teddy Roosevelt 42, Kennedy 43 and Clinton 46.

  4. Carl Luna Says:

    Mea culpa Mlaiuppa, I can’t tell my 12’s from 16’s. Of course Hillary, if she wins, runs again in 2012. That leaves it to the big O in 2016. And the 32 is a joke — Obama comes across as younger than my socks. But like the boy-retiree John Edwards, he is older than he looks. If he has to wait 8 years, however, he’ll be a ripe old 55 — prime time presidential age. Same as, matter of fact, as George W. was, don’t fogret. Then again, forgetting GW has become something of a national pastime, especially in his own party.

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