He’s Baaaack. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.

Got an email from the reigning voice of radio progressive talk yesterday, Stacy “Yeah we had a growing audience in a really sweet, well-heeled demographic but the suits pulled the plug anyway” Taylor. Looks like there’s a chance he might be back on the airwaves of the late KLSD’s mothership station, KOGO starting 12/3 in the post-drive time 6pm slot. Nothing is final and he may yet end up on the air elsewhere (more the loss to diversiity of thought in San Diego). Giving Taylor a later PM time slot on KOGO is, admittedly, a small bone for KOGO and Clear Channel to throw the listners of KLSD. But a bone’s a bone and a slot is a toe still in the door.

My only question is will this be the new, progressive “Al Gore rocks/G.W. sucks” Taylor of KLSD or will it be the conservative-lite Taylor of KOGO days past. Either way, at least it would constitute something approaching variety in opinion on the AM dial.


3 Responses to “He’s Baaaack. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.”

  1. Vladimir Medenica Says:

    Even if Taylor is put on the air, wouldn’t he face ratings problems due to a largely conservative KOGO audience? I doubt more progressive listeners would tune in everyday at 6 since radio has become the thing to listen to while driving and the time slot is “post-drive time.”

  2. Carl Luna Says:

    Exactly, Vlad. Which means posting him to the 6pm slot is a sop to those who are criticizing Clear Channel in the first place. Also, if the format fails in that bad time slot KOGO can say, “Look, we tried,” and progressive talk fades slowly into that good night.

  3. Greg Cavanaugh Says:

    Listening to the inimitable Stacy Taylor right now, June 5, and he’s sounding quite wonderful! He has contemplated what to do after the demise of KLSD and has opted to join a new company doing afternoon drive (3-6pm) at 1700AM San Diego aka XEPE-AM. Totally smart move. Yea Stacy! –G

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