Got this in my inbox today from the “Steve Francis: I really want to run for something but there doesn’t seem to be much need for me, afterall” Campaign:

Dear Fellow San Diegans:

As you may know, I have formed the Francis For Mayor Exploratory Committee to start a conversation with the citizens of San Diego to learn about their concerns and the issues they feel need to be addressed by City Hall in these difficult times.

Recently, I accepted an invitation to sit down with Bob Kittle, the Editorial Page Editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune to discuss these issues on his inaugural radio program, “Talk of San Diego”. During our candid interview, we discussed issues ranging from the pension crisis, to the influence of special interests and the political climate at City Hall. Most importantly, I fielded questions from San Diegans seeking my thoughts on how to restore confidence in our government. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Also, I will be appearing on a news segment with reporter Steve Bosh on KUSI News tonight on the 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. news broadcasts. During both interviews with Mr. Bosh and Mr. Kittle, you’ll find that I remain committed to real change for San Diego. Our City deserves representatives with the courage to lead, and who are willing to put public policy before partisan politics.

Currently I am meeting with many San Diegans from all parties, business and labor, town councils, regional chambers of commerce, community associations, business improvement districts and others. So far, what I am hearing is that something is amiss at City Hall and we need new leadership.

I would like to hear from you regarding what you believe are the most important problems San Diego faces and your ideas for resolving these issues. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts or concerns at sf@francisformayor.com, or call me at (858) 320-7500. Working together, we can solve San Diego’s problems and share in a brighter future for our City.

Paid for by Francis for Mayor Exploratory Committee, 10531 4S Commons Drive #117, San Diego, California 92127-9212, Campaign ID 1301984

I wonder how much family moola Stevo’s missus is gonna let him pony up this time around, against an increasingly entrenched incumbent supported by their party?

Then again, Sanders has had public support and power in his hands before and let it all slip through his kindly yet politically inept fingers. Maybe Francis is hanging in there long enough to see if Jerry jumbles things again?


2 Responses to “Why?”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    I’ve got a why for you.

    Why is John Hartley trying to run for City Council again?

    And who is financing him?

    He’s walking the streets in City Heights trying to get people to vote for him on the “I’ll fight crime” ticket. Right John. Like you got us the mid-block streetlights during your one and only term over a decade ago?

    Crime isn’t my problem. Water is my problem. Are you going to get us drinking water, John?

    After an underachieving term, failure to be re-elected as the incumbant and over a decade out of office (there was that brief, aborted semi-attempt to run for mayor that was quickly quashed) he’s now trying to run for City Council and thinks he can win?

    Tell me there’s a real, viable candidate to replace Toni Atkins or shoot me now.

    Please NOT John Hartley.

    Why John Hartley. (What did *I* do to deserve this?)


  2. Jose Carillo Says:

    I remember John Hartley. Actually he was a elected official who always looked out for the little guy. He was a the the champion for district elections.

    You won’t see any special interest groups behind him. They fear him. He will probably run his campaign on a shoe string and meet every voter personally. By the way, Hartley didn’t “fail to be re-elected” he stepped down after completion of his term. How refreshing that he didn’t make a career of it. His staffer Chris Kehoe succeeded him. I’d say she did a pretty good job too.

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