Pot, Kettle and All That Jazz

Kern? John Kern?

After two weeks of unrelenting attacks, the Union Tribune Editorial Board delivers its coup de’grace on the front page of Sunday’s Insight section. And who do they chose as the trigger man?

John Kern?

John Kern criticizing Mike Aguirre is like Nero criticizing Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

Look, John Kern is a nice guy. I met him a few times in a professional capacity; he was erudite and polite. People I know and respect know and respect him. Bottom line: he’s a decent guy. Just like Boyscout Dick Murphy is. Just like many of the other political players in San Diego who always seem to be in political waters over their head like they were in a municipal version of “High School: the Musical.”

But he’s also the guy who presided, as Dick Murphy’s chief of staff and political fixer, over the greatest political failure and municipal meltdown in San Diego history. Kern has always insisted that Murphy’s maladies were the product more of media madness and political hysteria than real issues. But Kern, with decades of political experience both behind the scenes and out on stage, should realize that politics—like most of the good things in life—exists ninety-five percent between the ears of the perceiver. Political reality is whatever people think it is.

And the political reality is that San Diegans think Dick Murphy was the greatest civic disappointment since the Chargers got run over by the 49ers in Superbowl XXIX.

Kern blasts Aguirre for contributing to a paralysis at City Hall but the paralysis started on Kern’s and Murphy’s watch. They were the ones who ignored the handwriting on the fiscal Molotov cocktail known as the pension debacle. The result: a failed administration and a badly damaged city.

So what credibility does that leave the man who brought you—and managed–Dick Murphy?

Come on, UT editorial board. You can assassinate character better than that.


One Response to “Pot, Kettle and All That Jazz”

  1. Hot time in the old town tonight Says:

    Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was acquitted.

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