Hang ‘em All

Did you all catch the righteous editorial in the UT this morning demanding that the three City Council members who accepted campaign donations from their staffers also be investigated and forced to resign, just as the UT Editorial Board had insisted happen to Mike Aguirre?

Yeah, I missed that one, too.


5 Responses to “Hang ‘em All”

  1. David Rolland Says:

    This one backfired on Bowtie Bob, didn’t it? Hilarious!

  2. previous student Says:

    The corruption from Mike Aguirre is sickening. His ill-mannered characteristics and attitude is very displeasing and disappointing. To see our great city under the judgment of this clown should be investigated. Aguirre should look at the mess he has created and see that his incompetence has ruined San Diego and resign.

  3. David Rolland Says:

    What mess did Mike create?

    Pension crisis? Nope. That was the city manager, the pension board and the city council.

    Sunroad? Nope. That was Sanders.

    What has Mike done other than offend your sensitive sensibilities? What has he ruined other than your warped view of “our great city”?

  4. previous student Says:

    Sunroad was not on the shoulders of Sanders only. Both the mayor and Aguirre had knowledge of the building yet neither acted on it. As the as the legal head of the government he should be able to fearlessly protect ALL interests of San Diego citizens and not merely be an attorney appointed to carry out wishes of council or manager and his own interests.

  5. Daniel Smiechowski Says:

    Regarding the plight of the homeless and the proposed homeless shelter discussed a few days ago by the San Diego City Council: Having listened to testimony opposing a Winter Shelter at the originally proposed site, my heart sank at the absence of humanity exposed by these so-called elites. Robert Kennedy once said,” Moral courage is more rare than courage on the battlefield.” It is small wonder, that our society being driven to moral bankruptcy by a culture fueled on self absorption and outside approbation would grapple with such basic human instincts as shelter in the face of despair and hardship. Mother Theresa forgive them for they know not of moral courage. I am reminded of the old French expression, “Fait le Cinema” which loosely translates to the acts of a pretender. America my friends, has lost her values and reminds me of that old Jackson Browne song by the same name, ” The Pretender.” Daniel J. Smiechowski 858-270-9038

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