Lone Star

If you want to have fun listening to the President’s inevitable next pep talk on Iraq (or has it been officially renamed Iwreck yet?) you should try doing what I did listening to last night’s speech. You’ll be sure to have a blast (from the past).

Every time the President says “terrorists”, “radicals”, “extremists” or “Al Qaeda”, substitute “communist”; every time he says “Iran” substitute “China” or “Soviet Union” (fielder’s choice); and every time he says “Iraq” substitute “Vietnam”. Then slip into a tie die tee-shirt, fire up a lava lamp, put some Stones on the CD (or dig out some real vinyl if you have any lying around) and next thing you’ll know you’ll have the full sensation of having been time-traveled back to 1966. You’ll practically feel Elvis rocking and LBJ rolling (over the American people, that is) as Vietnam rages.

At least, that’s how I felt watching the President last night. Just about every platitude he trotted out to justify a continuation of a policy just about everyone but he admits to be a failure (which I’m sure, by this point, even includes Dick Cheney—only Cheney just doesn’t give a damn) harked back to similar phrases and arguments used by LBJ and other war supporters (like Dick Cheney, Donny Rumsfeld and a younger but no less unwise George W) to justify sticking with the morass of South East Asia.

What a blast from the past.

And what’s with Presidents from Texas anyway? The Lone Star State has had two chances (not counting Bush I who was and is about as Texan as a Maine lobster) to prove the mettle of its favorite presidential sons. Both dragged the nation through divisive, costly and, ultimately, futile wars , wrecking the economy in the process. Can we all agree to swear off Texans for a while-say, four hundred years–America? Virginia has a good track record in providing chief executives – Washington, Jefferson, Madison, etc.—why not give them another try? Or a Minnesotan or Oregonian – haven’t given them a shot yet.

But please, not another Texan. Unless we want to time warp back to the 1960s again….


One Response to “Lone Star”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    You’re a braver listener than I, Gunga Din.

    I can’t stand to listen to that nasal twang speak rubbish any more. I really resent my President assuming I am a moron.

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