Silence of the Libs

Silence of the Libs

Okay, I don’t read conspiracies into things.

(Except for the FACT that Kennedy was killed by Elvis in revenge for JFK forcing Marilyn to give up her and the King’s secret love child–who is, of course, Madonna—and then Elvis was kidnapped by the FBI who but a double in his place but the double cracked under the pressure, turned to drugs and booze and overdosed in his bathroom, the real King finally escaping from maximum security and living undercover working at an AM/PM mini-mart in Fargo, North Dakota.)

OK, at least not many. Where others see conspiracy I find the usually the explanation of simple incompetency suffices. Of course then the incompetent try to incompetently cover up their incompetence, producing conspiracies of stupidity.

But even I’ve got to scratch my head at the odd coincidence of KPBS canceling Full Focus and Clear Channel Communication preparing to pull the plug on its San Diego progressive talk station and local purveyor of Air America, KLSD, both in the same month.

Now I can conceive of no harder parallel to draw than one between KPBS and Clear Channel, Though I can imagine parallels in management thinking: popularity, productivity and profit being the three P’s of said parallel. But the impact of this one-two punch is undeniable: San Diego has now been stripped of its only two significant progressive broadcasts over public airwaves. Only CityBeat and, to a lesser extent, The Reader remain to contend as serious progressive champions in print and cyber, doing battle with that dinosaur of conservative thought, the UT.

Both KPBS and Clear Channel management claim market share and money drove their decisions. Such may be. But, given that San Diego’s voter registration breaks 39% Republican to 34% Democrat, with 22% independents, it strikes me that neither KPBS or Clear Channel invested enough time, effort and money in marketing their progressive media to a market potentially as large as that of the AM conservative stations.

The big surprise with Clear Channel is not their canceling of a progressive talk radio station. The big surprise was Clear Channel’s decision to air progressive talk in the first place. The greater disappointment is that KPBS cancelled Full Focus without scheduling any comparable replacement to fill the show’s critical niche in local reporting.

So what’s next? CityBeat and the Reader get bought out by Rupert Murdoch?


2 Responses to “Silence of the Libs”

  1. john nienstedt Says:

    Picky little thing: that’s the County’s registration you’re referring to Carl where Republicans out-number Democrats 39% to 34%. That’s probably the most appropriate population interest when we’re talking about the media market. But in the city the registration advantage is reversed at 39% Democrat and 33% Republican. So, in the core of KPBS’ and KLSD’s market, the numbers seem to be more ripe with libs. That makes the cancellations even more puzzling.

    As a side note, KPBS would never admit to targeting libs; it is publicly funded after all.

  2. Carl Luna Says:

    And Fox is fair and balanced….

    KPBS probably doesn’t target libs, perse, but that’s where their audience tends to be (gee, if Libs like Terry Gross and cons like Rush Limbaugh, what can we extrapolate…?) And your right, the City now skews blue. Looks like no–one in the media biiz has hit the right combo to access that market yet. I agree, it’s puzzling why that is the case. Good hearing from you John!

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