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Election 2008 is shaping up to be a bit of a local yawn. For all the vitriol aimed his way, 4MA (that would be Much Maligned Mauling Mike Aguire – 4MA would be his handle if he were a rapper of song as opposed to municipal knuckes) seems to remain too intimidating a figure for anyone to challenge. This even with his poll numbers beginning to sag. Even his arch nemesis Scott Peters, soon t be politically unemployed due to term limits, has ruled out a challenge run. (So, if not City, where to now, SP? Perhaps biding time hoping for a Sanders’ meltdown opening up a run for Mayor in ’08?)

An Idea’s Whose Time Actually Came Decades Ago

Kudos to the Mayor’s Charter Review Committee for making several sensible suggestions (and any “sensible suggestions” coming out of City Hall these days is worthy of kudos simply because there’ve been so few of them in recent days/weeks/months/years) Expanding the City Council from eight to eleven Districts would end both the insane situation of having an even number of votes on a legislative body and provide for more hands-on local access and interchange between councilc members and their constituents.

Increasing the Council vote to override a mayoral veto from simple majority to two-thirds also makes imminent sense. As it is now the same majority that passes a resolution can override a veto – which makes no sense under any theory of government I’ve ever seen. Unless, of course, you just want to admit that this whole business about having created a Strong Mayor was a sham in the first place. Which many members of the City Council would just as soon admit. Fixing the current faux veto would be a be step forward in creating the checks and balance system the Strong Mayor was supposed to bring to City governance.

Now all we have to do is find a strong Mayor.

In His Own Words

Check out the Youtube video of Dick “Cakewalk” Cheney from back in 1994, justifying why the Bush I administration (or the “grownups” as I like to call them) chose not to march on Baghdad in 1991. So what changed between 1994 and 2003, one might wonder? The amazing thing is how, no matter how outrageous, disingenuous and just plain dangerous anything he says might be, Cheney can always keep a chillingly cold straight face.

Which leads me to wonder: Can you impeach someone for being a horse’s ass?

5 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Luna-Tic Says:

    what kind of political pundit are you? the mayor’s race is in 2012 not 2010.

  2. Carl Luna Says:

    Luna-Tic —

    My bad, which has been fixed. I was thinking Governor. So many elections, so little time. Bye the bye, the election is in 2008 — next year. Then we wait until 2012.

  3. David Rolland Says:

    I’m fine with a meaningful veto, and I’m fine with a two-thirds requirement, but the committee voted to ask the voters for “at least” two-thirds while the council still has just eight members. That’s six out of eight, and while it’s only one more vote than is required to pass the ordinance in the first place, it amounts to a three-fourths vote until the council is expanded. And with 11 seats, what do you prefer, a seven-vote override requirement (64 percent) or an eight-vote requirement (73 percent)?

  4. carlluna Says:

    I like the 11 seat/7 vote option. 64 percent is close enough to two thirds for government work. Though I would still favor a stop-gap increase of the veto to 6 until the council is expanded. Only that might make our so-called strong mayor remotely strong. That and electing a strong mayor in 2008, of course.

  5. Charter Reform This « Political Lunacy Says:

    […] like to see a council of 11, 12, 15 or 18 (which makes the 2/3 veto majority math easy). That would increase representation […]

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