Sunroad Sixpack

Here are six quickie observations on Sunroad. Look for a detailed piece on what Sunroad tells San Diego about Sir Jerry Sanders and his political future (???) coming out in this Wednesday’s edition of CiityBeat. (Just as soon as I finish writing the darn thing….)

1. Any investigation of someone accused of incompetence/corruption that is conducted by the very someone who has been accused is not worth the laserjet ink it’s printed with.

2. This report is just a big, bureaucratic broom being used to help sweep the whole tadry mess under the San Diego political rug. This week Sanders mea culpas. Next week it’s on to something else. Six months from now someone asks “Hey, whatever happened to Sunroad?” And the answer will be: “Sunroad? Heck, that’s old news.” (Like Stadium-deal corruption, City council corruption, pension fund corruption, etc.)

3. No-one is ever going to be fired at Development Services over this. Jim Waring will probably take an “early retirement” (like City Manager Lackless Lamont did) and, a respectable number of weeks or months later take a lucrative private sector job, City pension intact. But no-one will be “fired”. They can’t be. Otherwise one of the lackeys—cum-fall guy will start to talk about this and that which could raise too many questions about who helped whom. The big difference between San Diego corruption and East Coast corruption is that back east they’re willing to whack someone to save a little payoff dough. In gentile San Diego the power that be have found it much easier to simply silence peoples’ mouths by stuffing them with manna.

4. Within a matter of days/hours the UT (and it’s “Finest Blog”) will begin the editorial process of ignoring everything in the SawyerKnoll report except the part castigating the City Attorney and spinning Sunroad to all be, like everything else in San Diego, Aguirre’s fault.

5. There’s not going to be a Sunroad lawsuit that ever reaches court. Neither the mysterious Mr. Feldman nor those directly involved with this at the City really want all this dirty laundry aired in public, Even if there is no outright provable corruption, City officials right up to the Mayor don’t want to have all their incompetences dragged back into the headlines a few months from now. And Feldman doesn’t want his cross-the-line—but-not-by-enough-to—make-people-(Especially the FBI)-take-serious-notice approach to business too closely scrutinized. My prediction: out of court settlement announced some late Friday afternoon (like the Friday before the Labor Day weekend) that compensates Sunroad for all costs of demolition, redesign and rebuild. And maybe an additional little stipend to offset lost revenues from the reduced property.

6. The real payoff to Sunroad will be a few years from now when they get a few friendly tweaks from the City on their next major project.


One Response to “Sunroad Sixpack”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    Spot on.

    And I’ll bet Feldman and many of his employees contribute generously to Sanders re-election campaign.

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