America’s Funniest Stupidly Run City

Congrats to Mayor Sanders and the Sunroad crew for helping keep San Diego on the national map as America’s municipal laughing stock. Check out the Christian Science Monitor’s scathing piece published Wednesday on our little berg. It begins:

“One might think it would be impossible for a developer to erect a building so tall that it blocks a flight path to an airport.

Not in the topsy-turvy political world of San Diego, where the construction of a new office tower is spawning allegations of corruption and municipal incompetence. It’s the latest brouhaha in the saga of a near-bankrupt city reeling from years of scandals and mismanagement.”

And that’s one of the nicer passages of the piece.

What CSM reports is outrageous. Incredible. Imossible. So absolutely twisted.

So completely San Diego.

And this was printed even before the City began its latest adventure in wonderland (i.e. the Mayor’s wistful attempt at whitewashing, i.e. the report of his office’s own internal investigation of itself, released yesterday).

Dear Mister Mayor

You ran for office in 2005 pledging to restore San Diego’s reputation. Looks like you’ve reinforced it, instead.



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