OK, my summer vacation is over. Now back to school and writing. I spent part of my off time on an Alaskan cruise – Vancouver to Anchorage. Besides all the usual unusually beautiful scenery and wildlife (ended up six feet from a 2-3 year old brown bear on a trail right by Mendenhall Glacier) I came back from “The Last Frontier” with the odd political observation or two. Like why are the people of one of the resource richest red states so poor? More on that later.

But first, looks like Sunroad has ridden into the sunset since I’ve been gone.

Bravo Mayor Sanders for finally standing tall and firm and forcing Sunroad to back down on its tower of terror by Montgomery Field. Of course, you stood tall and firm after shrinking and vacillating for most of the eight months since Mauling Mike Aguirre first stormed said tower last October. And Sunroad fully intends to have the City pay the costs of reducing the size of the building through the proceeds of its $40 million lawsuit against the City. So the citizens of San Diego are on the hook for another hunk of millions because of the incompetence of City employees and their elected overseers. And Tom Story and his cronies at City development escape scrutiny for any shenanigans on their part that contributed to said mess.

Yes sir, Mister Mayor sir. That’s one heck of a win in your column. And that additional boost to water rates: way to hang in there on the no new taxes pledge!

(Note to San Diego County Taxpayers Association: Next time you want to get a pledge of fiscal responsibility ask candidates if they intend to raise taxes OR fees OR whatever other fancy revenue-enhancement out of the pockets of the people plan they might have.)


One Response to “Sunset”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    You must have missed the news this morning. Our Mayor is the Belle of the city. He just got us big Homeland Security bucks due to his many lobbying trips to D.C. All because he’s so forceful and trustworthy and has such a background in security and such. Oh yes, we can thank the Mayor for singlehandedly getting us back on the Homeland Security list and getting us a bunch of Homeland Security money. Yes indeedy.

    Of course, it won’t pay my water bill.

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