Busy Bees

I just drove by the Sunroad complex by the 163 and was in awe of the American work ethic on display there. Stop-work orders or no, those busy little worker bees are swarming over that building like ants over a mound of honey. (Okay, enough bug methaphors.)

I’m off for a ten day jaunt. I’ll be interested to see, when I return, if anyone in City government has developed the huevos, in the interim, to give a public order and actually enforce it.

Have fun in my absence, sports fans. And Sunroad people — try and get the building done before I get back, shall we. City orders are like Dad’s orders to the kids in mom’s absence: you listen to ’em just long enough to ignore them.


2 Responses to “Busy Bees”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    You’re surprised?

    Haven’t you ever heard of the old maxim….better to apologize after the fact than ask permission before the fact?

    They’re going to get that sucker done asap so it will be harder to enforce a tear down. Try driving by on Saturday and Sunday. They’ll be working then too. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see lights on because they’re working 24 hours a day in three 8 hour shifts.

    Anyone city official that grants Sunroad a future building permit for anything, even a doghouse, should be tarred and feathered.

  2. mlaiuppa Says:

    Well, how about that. Sunroad backed down. I don’t suppose it’s because they saw they were going to lose…..not only on Centrum I but probably on II, III and anything else they might try to build in the future. (And there’s all that really BAD PR too.)

    I don’t suppose the Mayor’s full stop work order on Friday or Aguirre’s threat on Monday to take the top off using the municipal code usually reserved for abatement when a building is a public nuisance had anything to do with it. Much.

    Sunroad made the right decision. But they’re going to need to be watched very carefully on any and all future projects they attempt to construct. They’ve proven they can’t be trusted.

    Gee, too bad you missed it.

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