Hunting Duncan

Be sure to tune in to KGTV 10News and ABC World News tonight. Besides the incomparable pleasure of seeing yours truly do yet another soundbite (that would be for the local guys) there’s going to be an interesting piece on our only local presidential candidate, Duncan “Bomb ’em back to the stone age” Hunter. (Hence yours truly’s soundbite.)

Seems Duncan “Give the troops everything they need” Hunter has been earmarking millions of dollars in government contracts (that’s millions of dollars that didn’t go to body armor and armored humvees) to a major campaign contributor who is trying to push an expensive new helicopter on the military that the military doesn’t want and none of the major defense contractors want to touch.

Why to shine, Dunco.

The first and time I met Duncan Hunter was back in 1980 when he was running against Lionel Van Deerlin for Congress and I was the president of USD’s political science club. Okay, I know. Geeky. But we did have a great election night party at a suite we rented at the Holiday Inn on the Bay. That night was the second time I met Hunter. I was in the stairwell going down a floor to get ice. Hunter was on the stairwell leading a Dixieland band and a ton of hangers-on celebrating his victory up the steps to who knows where. Everyone but Duncan, including the band, was thoroughly snoggered. Hunter, however, was stone cold with eyes the size of the cat that ate the canary. He knew he’d just been handed the keys to his own political kingdom. First time I saw him was as our guest to speak to the ol’ poli-sci club as part of our election activities. He informed us that we had to be careful how we dealt with the emerging crisis in Poland—you know, the one that led to the rise of Solidarity, Lech Walesa and the downfall of communism—because the Russians might send their troops into Poland. And some of them, he told us youngins, were Mongolians!

That’s how I first met Duncan “Yellow Horde” Hunter. So last week’s remarks about nuking Iran were just par for the course.

But Duncan has been on Capitol Hill for almost 30 years. His best pal Randy the Dukeman just got sent up the river. And they were close. Just how close? Best case scenario for Hunter: this whole thing gets explained away as business as usual in the fetid swamp of D.C. And then people vote against him because they’re sick of business as usual. (Which is why members of Congress haven’t made it into the White house for almost 50 years.)

Worst case: this turns out to be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A kind of yellow-snow iceberg, to be sure.

Anyway, it should be great sport. Pop some popcorn. Duncan Hunting season seems to be on.


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