Sunroad = Sunburned

In response to the latest comments posted to yesterday’s blog, “Follow the Money”:

Dude! Please don’t get me wrong here. I completely agree with everything you’re saying. I’m just giving a cold analysis to how this works. Why the players thought they could get (and so far have gotten) away with Sunroad.

Now if you’re asking me what should be done, that’s a different pot of mackerel.

The City Attorney has tried on this and has been shot down in the courts and undercut by his own chief of police and mayor. Meanwhile the nattering nabobs of the ethereal establishment UT keep up their constant smear campaign against him. (Not a little bit of which seems to be seeping into “The Voice of San Diego” these days.)

Donna Frye, meanwhile, is the only voice on the council even talking about this. But her complaints so far seem to be dismissed by the rest of the council and that voice of reason (meaning it’s unreasonable to rock the San Diego money boat) the UT as mere district parochialism and nimbyism.

And the Mayor? He basically says the City is to blame for allowing Centrum to be built, thereby taking the legal liability off Sunroad, then starts trying to figure out how to make Centrum work by trying to move flight paths around Montgomery. If the cave in was any more complete you would have to call in a mine rescue team from the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

And why? Because the people who are benefiting from Centrum and all the projects like it are making a lot more noise and getting a lot more in the face of Sanders, the Council, e. al than are the people outraged over what’s happening. They –Sunroad et al. – simply care more—a hundred million dollars worth of care—then the protesters.

Want that to change? You’ve got to make a whole lot more noise. You have to show the City that you care too.

You want to get the council to pay attention to this? Here’s what you do: start writing letters. Start sending emails. Start making fall calls. And get everyone you know to do the same. Send copies of each letter and email to the letters to the editor for the UT, Voice of San Diego, The Reader and City Beat.

Then you and you’re like-minded crusaders have to organize. Have everybody over for coffee and cake, make up some signs and go down to Centrum and protest. Get a few hundred people outside of the project, contact the news stations and let the rest of the public see how much you do care. You get the AM talkshow guys to have you on to spread your message. Get Roger Hedgecock (yeah, yeah, I know – but the guy is effective, darn it!) to do a live broadcast from one of your protests.

Start a website – or some such—get people to sign your on—line petition. Publish how much money Sunroad, B of A, Burnham and the like give to our politicians.

And network with the other groups who are already against Sunroad:

Donna Frye
Mike Aguirre
Community Airfields Association off San Diego (CCCSD, which has joined the City in its lawsuit against Sunroad because of the safety risks to pilots and the community.)

In short, you’ve got to make as miserable for the politicians as Sunroad’s support makes them happy. You make Sunroad the road to political perdition for any politician who supports it—or doesn’t actively oppose it.

You make Sunroad the high watermark – the Waterloo—of forty years of San Diego development gone wild. You make it the symbol of all the corruption and arrogance that has marked this city. A giant pension deficit is an abstraction. You can’t hide a 12 story building. You want it so that everyone driving on the 163 sees that building and gets so angry they get on the phone and flame City government.

Then see what happens.

Meanwhile, we can get as righteous and angry in the blogosphere as we want. But virtual protest never beats the real thing.


3 Responses to “Sunroad = Sunburned”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    Hate to be a wet blanket but….

    We all have lives. None of us can keep up the constant vigilence and constant pressure to keep things right. What will happen? Well maybe a temporary stay to Sunroad. But they’ll just wait until things quite down and we get on with our lives and then they’ll just do it again.

    I vote for laws so I don’t have to be constantly vigilent and aggressively active. I vote for politicians to enforce those laws. It’s their job to be vigilent and enforce the laws I’ve voted for.

    If the politicians aren’t going to do that….then we don’t need them. Get rid of them.

    A law isn’t a law if it’s not going to be enforced.

    So…what judge is going to enforce Sunroad’s removal of the top 20 feet of that building? And who is going to see that any future building permit issued to Sunroad stays within the letter of the law? What building inspector is going to be the constant watchdog on site every minute that Sunroad is doing construction? Because that’s what it’s going to take.

    Otherwise they’ll just wait for a bit and do whatever they please anyway.

    That’s reality.

    I have a life.

    You want me to do Jerry’s job? Then recall him and put me in the office. Otherwise…I have a job already and no one is paying me to do Jerry’s job too.

    BTW didn’t vote for Jerry.

    But I’ll vote for Mike Aguirre again. And again. And again. Because he’s doing the job I voted for him to do….I don’t have to do it. Go Mike!!!!

  2. sunburned Says:


    Well, I was too much of a coward to say what you said, but you said it all, and quite well.

    I especially like this:
    “I vote for laws so I don’t have to be constantly vigilent and aggressively active. I vote for politicians to enforce those laws. It’s their job to be vigilent and enforce the laws I’ve voted for.”


  3. sunburned Says:

    Hey Carl, see my comment just posted on your older post, “Jerry Sander Show.”

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