Real Chutzpah

You’ve got to hand it to those bad boys at Sunroad (a handle which, though “Hearts black as the deepest, darkest, midnight Road” might be more apropos to their modus operandi, at least puts a smiley-face over their profit-at-all-costs skull and cross bone visage).
Indeed, I’ve got to admit, I’m becoming a fan.

It used to be you had to go Washington to find people with the really big brass ones. Like Nixon saying he’s not a crook. Or Clinton saying he didn’t do the nasty with that intern. Or Cheney saying we’d be greeted as liberators (or that mushroom clouds were imminently in our future; or that we’d be out of Iraq in months; or that Iraq’s oil would pay for the cost of the war; or just about anything the bald Buddha of American balderdash says…).

You used to at least have to go as far as Sacramento to hear real, big league cajones clanking. Like Gray Davis’ and the State Legislature’s back before the 2002 election, when the one thing Republicans and Democrats could agree on was that no-one was going to let the biggie billion dollar deficit cat out of their pre-election black bag of deceit.

Or his Gubenatorship calling for bipartisanship during his recall race and then whacking the Democrats (and a bunch of mislead moderates who voted for Arnold the Centrist) with his especially galling special election chock-a-block with enough right-wing initiatives to make even a member in good standing of the John Birch society blush. Or the Terminator-in-Chief’s subsequent about-face back to the center after his election gambit fizzled, leaving his fellow state Republicans out in the electoral cold last fall.

Schwarzenegger doesn’t have brass ones. His are positively cyborg—enhanced titanium. Back here in San Diego, though, our local players for the most part pack pairs made of balsawood.

Like our dynamic dual of city council corruption who sold out to a strip club owner for chump change and the appearance of playing like the really big bad boys play. Or former mayor Dick Denial Murphy who couldn’t even bring himself to at least take credit for helping to pull one of the greatest hoaxes on the voters of San Diego (Who can forget his 2004 reelection slogan: “Pension crisis? We don’t have no stinkin’ pension crisis”) in our muddled municipal history. Or Gentleman Jerry “I said I wouldn’t raise no taxes. I didn’t say nuthin’ ‘bout no fees!” Sanders who, every time he tries to put on his Strong-Mayor suit ends up finding it to be several sizes too big for him.

When this crews’ bangles bang together, the loudest sound they make is “tink.” Until now the only local player who could generate a decent clank down south has been Roger “Voice of virtue, history of shame” Hedgecock, who set the local Chutzpah bar with his daily holier-than-thou-who-haven’t-been-thrown-out-of-office-for-corruption-like-me spiel.

But not anymore. The Sunroad gang has a set that clang louder than the bells of Notre Dame. At last: locals with real Chutzpah!

Sure, they established themselves as has having big ones with their “Damn the FAA and pilot safety, full speed ahead” approach to bulldozing their way to the building height heavens. If God had meant for man to fly he wouldn’t have let Sunroad cap off their Sunroad Ceentrum project at 180 feet right in the bad-weather approach to Montgomery Field now, would He? Take that you all you weekend Lindberghers, thinking your safety (and that of all you peasants huddled in the shadows of Sunroad Centrum) should get in the way of Sunroad’s manifest destiny to build as high as they like wherever they like.

Clang! Clang!

But last week’s announcement of Sunroads intent to build two high rise towers on Harbor Island right across from Lindbergh field shows they’ve got pairs made of better stuff than brass. Better than titanium, even. These guys must be packing pairs made of whatever the stuff Darth Vader built his Death Star out of. We’re talking extraterrestrial, here. I can’t wait until they announce their plan to build a hundred-story condo project in the middle of Lindbergh’s runway number one!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

His Gentlemaness the Mayor demonstrated his own set of balsawoods when he tepidly repudiated the Sunroad Kearny Mesa project a few weeks back and refused to make heads roll at the City for allowing this poisoned plan to come into fruition in the first place. But his more Robo-Cop like response to Sunroad’s Harbor Island fiasco shows His Highness may actually be starting to swing metal after all.

Sanders saying that “The fact that Sunroad continues to propose projects that the FAA believes will endanger public safety is irresponsible and an affront to our community,” and “There is now a pattern that is developing that shows that Sunroad is willing to thumb their nose when it comes time to obeying the law,” is a sign that he finally gets how out there Sunroad is when it comes to the public good. His next move is to take the $3,600 he got in campaign money from them and fling it back in their good corporate citizen mask.

What Sanders still has to understand, though, is that Sunroad isn’t just thumbing their nose at San Diego. Their extending an entirely different digit on their corporate hand.

And clanking their extraterrestrial set as loud as they can get away with.

And it’s well past time for the Mayor, the Council and the City Attorney to cut ‘em off.

Now that would be Chutzpah!


2 Responses to “Real Chutzpah”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    Soon we’ll know if San Diego is owned by developers or by the people. If Sanders is thinking of a second term, he better lop 20 ft off that building in Kearny Mesa and put a stop to the twin towers of death at Lindbergh or the Sunroad Albatross will weigh him down come the next elections.

    Then again…I didn’t vote for him. Or for Murphy.

  2. sunburned Says:

    Plenty of evidence (emails, permits, meeting records) shows that the DSD and Sanders’ peeps, and by extension probably Sanders, were accomplices in getting the Sunroad building built. In a court case, the evidence would be slam-dunk damning.

    What was the original plan by Sanders and his minions that would have made it all work out?

    What do you think happened? What do you think went wrong?

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