Short Shots

Here are a few, brief takes on things from local to global.


That’s what you’ve got to call Pamela Naughton claim that Mike Aguirre’s abusing his power by bringing charges against Sunroad Enterprises’ saddest Story, Tom. Naughton is Story’s attorney so of course she has to deny, deny, deny. (When’s the last time you heard a lawyer say, “Just between you and me, judge, my client is outrageously, fabulously, unbelievably guilty—but we can go through the sham motions if you want.” Ain’t gonna happen. And the entire Sunroad saga is soaked in chutzpah: “Let’s build this building as fast as we can cutting every regulatory corner we can and then, when it’s a fait accompli, we build a couple more. Or sue the City for every last dime we’re on the hook for.” Or, at least, that’s how it seems to appear to us plebes. So Naughton bashing Aguirre for being the one city official to point out that former downtown development emperor Tom Story has no clothes (or, more to the point, his building has too many stories) is just par for this chutzpahic course. (And yes, I just made up chutzpahic. Dibs on the future dictionary entry.)

    They’s A Coming

Fresh from the South Carolina “Everybody stand there uncomfortably for ninet miutes and give short soundbite answers and we’ll call it a” Debate, the Democrat’s Magnificent Seven ride into San Diego for this weekend’s State Democratic Convention. Look forward to more play it safe and down the middle stump speeches by the front running duo of Hilary and Barac. It will be interesting to see if they keep using kid gloves on each other like they did at last night’s debate. Apparently both have decided that keeping a détente between themselves while the knock out the wannabes over the next few months is mutually beneficial. I’ll be part of City Beat’s round the clock coverage team down at the Convention Center and look forward to sharing amusing anecdotes and insightful observations (and, hopefully, the answer to the salient question: “What’s up with Dennis Kucinich’s hair?) over the weekend.


Okay, we can all concede Harry Reid is in a race with Joe Biden for the 2007 foot-in-mouth award. (Last year’s winner: John Kerry and his “let me blow another election with one sentence” remarks about the quality of US troops in the run up to last November). Since the November election he has worked overtime nipping away at his party’s credibility with one gaffe after another.

But if you’re going to hang the man, hang him for what he did say, not what he didn’t.

And he didn’t say “The war is lost.” The complete sentence was: “As long as we follow the president’s path in Iraq, the war is lost. But there is still a chance to change course — and we must change course.”

What Reid says what that IF the Bush administration keeps doing what its been doing in Iraq for the last five years – screwing unbelievably up – THEN we lose. And a clear majority of Americans agree with him.

I expect Pravda (aka Fox News) to distort facts whenever it suits their (and the Republican conservative) ideological bias. If Hilary Clinton says “I feel we must deal with those who hate America” (note, I don’t know if she’s ever said this perse) Fox will edit it to have her say “I hate America.” Fox News is like the lecherous old man at the family party who paws up all the younger women. You’re disgusted by it, but not surprised.

What irked me was how the so-called mainstream liberal media fell into the same lockstep, with soundbite after soundbite truncating Reid’s remarks to fit the story frame, truth be damned. No wonder the Pew Research poll found that, despite this being the media age, Americans are no better informed today (and, in many cases, less informed) than a generation ago.

    Battle Royale

And, on a final note, nothing like watching a first place candidate fall on his face. Such is the case with Gaulist presidential candidate Nicholas Sarkoz apparently going out of his way to deep six a debate between run-off rival Socialist Segolene Royale and “out of the money but still king of the mushy middle” Francois Bayrou. The likely result of this is to push Bayrou (and the 19% of the vote he received in last Sunday’s first round) into Royale’s arms(not, in the scheme of things, the worst place to be….) giving her a potential 43% of support (compared to Sarkoz’s 30%) going into the final round. Oh, that right wing politicians learn the limits of their ability to rule the media by decree. But it looks like Sarkoz has got a bad case of Berlusconitis, which could become his undoing.


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