Silence of the Lam

Former US Attorney Carol Lam apparently left both her anti-corruption caped crusader cape and her tongue at home today when she testified today before Congress about her abrupt dismissal.

Too bad.

Lam was fired, ostensibly, for being soft on illegal immigration, which is pure hooey. Even the Justice Department’s own internal documents vouched for Lam’s efficiency in prosecuting both corruption and illegal immigration cases. To the casual or informed observer, based on what the public has been told to date, reasonable minds can only suspect ulterior motives in her removal. Heavy-handed, hairy-handed motives, for that matter.

But Lam remains silent.

When asked by KPBS whether or not the investigations she initiated into the web of corruption that was the Republican Congress, she answered, “I’m neither a soothsayer, nor a fortune teller but I expect the Department of Justice will conduct itself as the department always has and as professionally and in the public’s interest.”

Come on Carol. If the big political honchos at the DoJ were acting in the public interest, would you have been sacked in the first place?

I’m glad someone as talented and effective as Ms. Lam has landed on her feet with a good sinecure at Qualcom. But I beseech her, on behalf of the public she so valiantly served, to perform one last act of public service.

Dear Ms. Lam: If you suspect—and I mean one smidgen of an iota’s worth–that you were forced out for political reasons, say so. Don’t be loyal to an administration that was not loyal to you. And was not loyal, if indeed your firing was political motivated, to the American people.

Don’t be a silent lamb at a political slaughter.

Oh, and Congressman Darrell Issa – a quick reality check. Which really is the greatest threat to our democracy: illegal immigrants who pay through the nose to sneak into our country to clean our toilets and pools or white collar Congressman who make us pay through the nose as a consequence of their own corrupt practices? Before you criticize Carol Lam, have a good answer to that question in hand, will ya.


One Response to “Silence of the Lam”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    You missed the significant part of the quote:

    “I expect the Department of Justice will conduct itself as the department always has”

    Lam will get her chance when she testifies again. Let’s hope her ethics and integrity triumph over her party loyalty.

    The Senate panel also authorized subpoenas for six of the eight fired U.S. attorneys. The six, Carol Lam of San Diego, Bud Cummins of Arkansas, Paul Charlton of Arizona, John McKay of Seattle, Daniel Bogden of Nevada and David Iglesias of New Mexico, testified under subpoena last week before the House Judiciary Committee. Sampson, Gonzales’ ex-chief of staff who just fell on his sword…er…resigned; Michael Elston, top aide to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty; Associate Attorney General Bill Mercer; Monica Goodling, Gonzales’ senior counsel and White House liaison; and Mike Battle, departing director of the office that oversees all 93 U.S. attorneys will also be testifying.

    Rove, Miers and other White House top aides may also be called to testify.

    Gonzales is going to testify too. Hopefully after that he will be fired…er…resign.

    Oh boy. This is gonna be good.

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