The Senanator?

Speaking of Arnold the Rino (from my earlier post today) check out the The Politico exclusive interview with the Gubenator that just posted today. I’ve said for some time now it is inevitable that His Arnoldness, movie career moving rapidly into the retrospective, will eye another office after his bout as governor winds down. Given how much money he is raising, how high profile he remains, how high his approval rating is and the overall tone of the interview is that, come 2011, Arnold will reprise his role once again as the Running Man.

Two notes to the Gov:

1. Forgot about Mayor of LA. You are big time political star material. It’s the Senate you’ve got to play next.

2. Don’t sit on the fence come the California Primary. You can be the barbarian king-maker for either Giuliani or McCain — and whomever you deliver the Golden State to will owe you –big.


2 Responses to “The Senanator?”

  1. mlaiuppa Says:

    Senator sounds good.

    San Diego got rid of Pete Wilson that way and he didn’t do any harm at all when he was in D.C. (He missed enough votes.)

    Only….who would he replace? I’m not willing to give up Feinstein or Boxer for Arnold.

    Could he please run against Duncan Hunter instead?

  2. The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker « Political Lunacy Says:

    […] move by our Barbarian Governor. Also a move I said he’d need to take last February. Principle and keeping to one’s word is one thing and doing the politically expedient thing can […]

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